Uploading and Downloading Mazes in Wall Maze+

While using the Wall Maze+ Playground in VEXcode VR, you may want to download a maze to your device to share with students, or one classmate may want to share a maze with another. Follow the steps here for downloading and uploading mazes on the Wall Maze+ Playground.


Downloading a Maze


After finishing your maze, you can download it to your device using the Save icon.


Your maze file will be downloaded to your device in the designated Downloads folder. It will be saved as a .vrmaze file. 

Note: This image was taken on a MacOS device. This may look different than the downloads on your device.

Uploading a Maze


To upload a previously designed maze, select the Upload Icon.


The Upload Icon appears on both the main window of the Wall Maze+ Playground and in the editor window.


Navigate to the folder on your device where the .vrmaze file is saved.

Note: Only .vrmaze files can be uploaded to the Wall Maze+ Playground.


The maze will then appear in the Playground Window.

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