Creating a Maze in the Wall Maze+ Playground

The Wall Maze+ Playground in VEXcode VR expands upon the Wall Maze Playground and provides additional features to allow you to create your own maze.


Creating Your Own Maze


To begin editing the maze, first select the menu button.


Then select the edit button.


In the editor window, you will see:

  • The number of start and end positions being used
  • If the maze is ready for use
  • An option to upload a maze
  • An option for saving the maze
  • The Clear icon

To change an element of the maze, select any square. Watch the video here to see how to select the square and how the square will change. The square will go through the following four options:

  • Brown: wall 
  • Green: Start Position
  • Red: End Position
  • White: open area where the robot can move

To edit multiple blocks of the maze at once, select the square you would like to copy and drag your cursor as shown in the video here.

Note: The drag to copy action can only be used on the brown walls and the white open areas. It does not work for copying start or end positions.

Start and End Positions


Start Positions are indicated by a green square with a letter. They will appear in alphabetical order as they are selected: "A," "B," "C," "D," and "E."


End Positions are indicated by a red square. The color of these squares can be detected by the Down Eye Sensor on the VR Wall Maze+ Robot.


You can have up to five Start Positions and five End Positions for the maze. This information can be found in the top left corner of the Playground Window.




If you do not have a Start Position or End Position, the message will change to indicate what is missing.


Because the Maze is not ready for use, the Check and Save icons will be unavailable. These will turn a lighter shade and you will be unable to select them.

If the maze already has five ending or starting positions, that option will not appear as you select the square. In this video, the maze already has five end positions, so the red square does not appear.

Clear Icon


If you do not want to start editing the maze from the default layout, select the Clear icon. 


This will remove all walls except those along the border. The Start Position and End Position will remain the same. From here you can begin to edit the walls of the maze as shown in the video above.

Note: The border walls remain as shown so that the VR MazeBot does not drive out of the Maze+ area. 

Check Icon


After you have finished editing the maze, select the Check icon.


You will be taken back to the main window of the Wall Maze+ Playground. A window will appear for you to select the Start Position of the VR MazeBot.


You can then change the Start Position of your robot at any time by selecting the menu button and then selecting the Location Icon.

Showing and Hiding the Mini-Map


A mini-map showing the top down view of the Wall Maze+ Playground is available by default in the top right corner of the Playground Window.


To hide the mini-map, select the map icon in the bottom right corner of the Playground Window.


Select the map icon again to have the map reappear.

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