Understanding Robot Features in VIQC Slapshot for VEXcode VR

The robot used in the VIQC Slapshot Playground in VEXcode VR is a virtual version of Snapshot, the VEX IQ Hero Bot, used for the 2022-2023 VEX IQ Competition (VIQC) Slapshot. Virtual Snapshot has the same dimensions and motors as the physical Snapshot, but with added sensors for coding additional autonomous movements in VEXcode VR. In VEXcode VR's version of Slapshot, there is only one robot, and it is already preconfigured. This eliminates the need for a robot configuration, or a predetermined template project.


Robot Controls

Snapshot has the following controls:

A drivetrain with an Inertial Sensor. This enables the “Drivetrain” category of blocks in the Toolbox of VEXcode VR to drive and turn the robot.

An Arm controlled by the Arm Motor. This allows the robot to release disks from some of the dispensers and reach over the barrier to touch the contact zone at the end of a match.

  • The Arm is raised and lowered using the [Spin for] or [Spin to position] block. The default position is for the arm to be lowered.

An Intake controlled by the Intake Motor. This allows the robot to take in disks, or reverse the intake (reversing the intake is also called the outtake) to spin the disks out and away from the intake and score them.

  • The intake can be spun using the [Spin for] block. Spinning the intake for 180 degrees takes in a disk from the Field. 
  • Both the intake and the outtake can be moved using the [Spin] block. By spinning the motor for a set time and then stopping the motor, you can ensure that the disk has been cleared from the outtake.

Robot Sensors

Virtual Snapshot has added sensors for autonomous programming in VEXcode VR. These sensors are based on the VEX IQ (2nd generation) sensors including the Distance Sensor (2nd gen) and Optical Sensor.



An Inertial Sensor that is used with the drivetrain. This allows the robot to make accurate and precise turns.

The drivetrain heading reports a value from 0 to 359.9 degrees, and clockwise is positive.

Distance Sensor (2nd gen)

Slapshot Distance Sensing.png

The Distance Sensor reports if an object is close to the sensor, as well the approximate distance from the front of the sensor to an object, in millimeters or inches.


The Distance Sensor on the front Snapshot can be used to detect how far away from the fence the robot currently is.

For more information about the IQ (2nd generation) Distance Sensor, see this VEX Library article.

Bumper Switch

Slapshot Bumper Sensing.png

The Bumper Switch reports if it is currently being pressed or not.


The Bumper Switch is located within the Intake mechanism and can be used to determine if a disk has been loaded into the Intake.

For more information about the Bumper Switch, see this VEX Library article.

Optical Sensor

Slapshot Optical Sensing.png

The Optical Sensor uses reflected light to detect an object’s color, hue value, grayscale value, and proximity.


The Optical Sensor located on the front Snapshot is used to detect the color of the dispensers.  

This can be useful when determining which dispenser to interact with and how the robot should respond to the dispenser to release the disks.

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