Understanding the VEX V5 Firmware Utility

What is the V5 Firmware Utility?

The VEX V5 Firmware utility is a tool that providers users with options that aren't available through VEXcode V5. It can provide vital information through the information button, when working with VEX Support to determine possible causes for hardware issues. The V5 Firmware Utility is also vital in competition settings, since turning a V5 Brain into a Field Controller is necessary for running competitions. Running battery diagnostics is another option through the V5 Firmware Utility, allowing users to identify possible issues with the V5 Battery. 

You can find the VEX V5 Firmware Utility here.

Update V5 Brain Firmware

Many VEX V5 products contain their own internal processors and run on a special Operating System known as "VEXos". This Operating System is written entirely by VEX Robotics, and harnesses the flexibility and power of VEX hardware for the diverse needs of education and the rigors of competition.

VEXos allows for advanced programming features and an enhanced user experience. The best way to ensure that your V5 system is functioning properly is to keep the firmware up to date. You can update the V5 Brain's firmware using the V5 Firmware Utility.


If the V5 Brain is not up to date there will be an orange x and a button to to run a firmware update.


The Firmware Utility will download and run the firmware update.


After the firmware has been downloaded to the V5 Brain, you will need to power cycle the Brain.


When the firmware is up to date, the Firmware Utility will have a green check and say “V5 is up to date”.

Finding Information about the V5 Brain and User’s System

Having information about the V5 Brain and the user's system can be helpful when troubleshooting.


Click the Information Icon in the Firmware Utility.


This will pull up information about the connected V5 Brain and the user’s system information. This can be used to help VEX Support with troubleshooting.

Downloading the Skills Field Control App

Competition teams now have the opportunity to run Robot Skills Matches using a V5 Robot Brain as their field controller using the Skills Field Control App. This allows Skills matches to be run more easily and efficiently.


Click the Trophy Icon in the Firmware Utility.


This will download the Field Control App in the third program slot.


Once you select the Field Control App, you will be able to use the V5 Brain as a Skills Field Controller. See the article for more information about using a V5 Brain for Robot Skills Challenge Field Control

Advanced Options

Accessing the advanced options in the V5 Firmware Utility allows you update your team number, run battery diagnostics to further troubleshoot, among other items.


Press shift + V and click the center of the V5 Brain within the Firmware Utility.


This will expose advanced options, including updating your Team Number or running battery diagnostics.

Battery Diagnostics

Viewing the battery diagnostics screen allows you to view coloring of the battery cells indicating if some cells are not holding a charge compared to others, which is visible using a color-coding system of green, red, and black. This is useful when determining if a V5 Battery is faulty or not, and should be replaced.


Click the icon of a Doctor.


This will open battery diagnostics on your connected V5 Brain. For more information about the battery diagnostics screen, view this article

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