Securing the Straps on the V5 Portable Competition Field

This article will walk you through how to secure the straps on the V5 Portable Competition Field.


When building the Portable Field, ensure the Nylon Straps with Velcro on the ends are correctly oriented, Velcro side down. You can view the Build Instructions for the VEX V5 Portable Competition Field Perimeter Kit v2.


After the walls have been built, the Nylon strap should look like this, with the Velcro down.

Note: to make the following steps easier, use a star drive key to feed the straps through the slots.


Feed the strap from underneath the extrusion into the slot on the bottom, and out of the bottom slot on the front.


Feed the strap into the slot on the top in the front, and out of the slot on the top of the extrusion.


Pull the strap as tight as it will go, ensuring that the field tiles have gone under the extrusion’s lip as shown in the second picture.


Use the Velcro to hold the strap in place, tucking the excess underneath the field.

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