Calibrating the VEX EXP Controller

Step 1: Pair the Controller and Brain.

Step 2: Select Settings on the Home Screen.


Verify that the Controller is connected by noticing the connected icon on the top of the screen.
Once Settings is highlighted, press the Check button to select.

Step 3: Then, select Calibrate.


Press the X button to navigate back to the Settings screen.

Press the left or right buttons until you see the Calibrate option, and select it by pressing the Check button.

Step 4: Move the Joysticks.


Move both joysticks in a full circle as shown on the screen.

Step 5: Save the Calibration.


After moving the joysticks, you will see two, green checks and the Up button will blink on the screen. Press the Up button to save your calibration. For more information about button and joystick names on the Controller, view this article

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