Using Recover in Web-based VEXcode EXP

Why may you need to use the Recover Button?

If something happens during your Controller’s firmware update that causes it to fail, you can use the recover feature in VEXcode to restore your Controller to a functional state.


How do you know you need to use the Recover Button?


You will know that you need to use the Recover Button when the power indicator light is flashing red while you are trying to update your Controller's firmware.

How to use the Recover Button

Make sure the Controller is plugged into your computer.


Select the Controller icon in the Toolbar.


Select ‘Recover (Fast Red Blinking.)’


A text box will appear and explain when Recover mode is used and that you should choose the "Controller FW Upgrade device". Select "Continue" on the text box to open the connection window.


Select "VEX EXP Controller FW Upgrade".


Select the "Connect" button.


Wait while the firmware updates.


The update will complete.

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