Mounting the Field Monitor Stand to the V5 Portable Competition Field

This article will walk you through how to mount the Field Monitor Stand to the V5 Portable Competition Field.


1. Gather the hardware for mounting the stand.

Mounting field monitor stand to portable field hardware required:

  • Star Drive Screw 8-32 x 2.25” - Qty 2
  • Nylock Nuts - Qty 2
  • T15 screwdriver


2. Gather hardware for mounting a monitor.

Mounting monitor to field monitor stand hardware required:

  • Standardized VESA Monitor Mounting Hardware
  • Screw, M4 x .7 x 10mm - Qty 5
  • Screw, M4 x .7 x 18mm - Qty 5
  • Screw, M4 x .7 x 25mm - Qty 5
  • Spacer - Qty 8
  • Phillips head screwdriver


3. Determine a location to attach the field monitor stand

  • The field monitor stand can be attached to any corner or any edge with a T-connector.


4. Once a location is decided, place the nylock nuts into the nut pockets on the corner connector or T-connectors.

  • To do this, un-pop the extrusions from the connectors to expose the nut pockets.


Note: ensure the nylock nuts are inserted in the correct orientation.



5. Connect the extrusions back onto the connector.

  • Ensure the nuts stay inside the nut pockets.


6. Place the field monitor stand on the extrusions.

  • Attach the stand with two star drive screws.
  • Ensure the screws are fully tightened and the field monitor stand is secure.







7. Using the Standardized VESA Monitor Mounting Hardware, attach the monitor to the field monitor stand.

  • The monitor should be facing into the field.
  • You can attach the monitor to the sides of the field, or the corners, as shown in these images.

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