Connecting to the Brain with Web-based VEXcode IQ - Windows

It takes just a few steps to connect a VEX IQ Brain to Web-based VEXcode IQ on a Windows device.

How To Connect a VEX IQ Brain from Web-based VEXcode IQ on a Windows device


Be sure the IQ Battery is charged and is connected to the IQ Brain.

Turn on the Brain by pressing the Check button on the Brain.


Connect the IQ Brain to your Windows device, using the USB-C cable.

Note: Your IQ Brain must remain plugged into your Windows device throughout the connection process. 


Launch web-based VEXcode IQ by navigating to

Select the Brain icon in the Toolbar.


Select ‘Connect.’


A text box will appear and explain that you should choose the Brain labeled 'Communications Port'. Select 'Continue' on the text box to open the connection window.


Select the IQ Brain labeled 'Communications Port', from the list of Brains available.


Select the ‘Connect’ button, once you have chosen the 'Communications Port' IQ Brain ID.


Once the IQ Brain is successfully connected the Brain icon will turn green.


If the connection is unsuccessful, another text box will appear prompt you to select the Brain that is not currently paired.

How To Disconnect a VEX IQ Brain from Web-based VEXcode IQ on a Windows device


To disconnect your device from an IQ Brain, unplug the USB-C cable from your Windows device or the IQ Brain.


You can also disconnect an IQ Brain from web-based VEXcode IQ by turning the Brain off.

Turn the Brain off by holding the X button until the screen on the Brain goes black.

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