The rules and scoring for VEX GO Competitions are not complex, but it is important that you and your students understand them fully prior to holding a competition.

Robot Rules

  1. The Robot can only have one Robot Battery
  2. The Robot can only have one Robot Brain
  3. The Robot can be made of only VEX GO parts
  4. The Robot must have the VEX GO license plate with Team Name or Number
  5. Decorations are allowed

Game Rules

  1. Robots must start on the green tile
  2. If a robot becomes stuck, the human player can pick up the robot and place it on an adjacent empty tile
  3. There are three ways to play
    1. Solo Driving: 2 minutes match with 1 robot
    2. Solo Coding : 1 minute match with 1 robot
    3. Coop Driving: 1 minute match with 2 robots
  4. Determining a Winner:
    1. Be sure to determine the number of matches each team will play ahead of the competition.
    2. After each match, count the total points at the end of the match and record
      1. Team Name
      2. Total points
      3. End time
    3. Each team's official score is the highest score achieved in a match.
    4. If there is a tie, the team with the fastest time is the winner

Mars Math Expedition Scoring


All tasks are worth 1 point

Stage 1 - Crater and Rover Scoring

  1. Remove a game element from the crater
  2. Move the Rover out of the crater

Stage 2 - Lab Scoring

  1. Move a game object to the Lab Tile
  2. Put a game object on top of the Lab
  3. Put a game object on the matching colored square

Stage 3 - Solar, Landing and Rocket Scoring

  1. Tilt the Solar Panel down
  2. Clear the debris from the Landing Site
  3. Place the Helicopter on the Landing Site (Human)
  4. Lift the Rocket Ship upright
  5. End with the robot touching the red tile

Stage 4 - Fuel Scoring

  1. Remove fuel cells from the cradles
  2. Move a fuel cell to the Rocket Ship
  3. Move a fuel cell to the Landing Site

Ocean Science Exploration Scoring


All tasks are worth 1 point

Stage 1 - Lab Scoring

  1. Move the Purple Sensor to the Underwater Lab tile (only applies to Stage 1 field configuration)
  2. Move the Blue Sensor to the Underwater Lab tile (only applies to Stage 1 field configuration)

Stage 2 - Habitat and Pipeline Scoring

  1. Move the Purple Sensor to the Fish Habitat tile
  2. Move the Blue Sensor to the Pipeline tile
  3. Push the pipe into place on the Pipeline tile

Stage 3 - Volcano Scoring

  1. Move the Orange Sensor to the Volcano tile
  2. Place the Orange Sensor at the top of the Volcano

Stage 4 - Turbine, Clam, and Pearl Scoring

  1. Align a Turbine with the white beams at the center of the track
  2. Flip open the Clam
  3. Deliver the Pearl from the Clam to the green tile

Village Engineering Construction Scoring


All tasks are worth 1 point

Stage 1 - House Scoring

  1. Remove a house component (Brown Walls/Gray Walls/Roof) from its trailer/container

  2. Deliver a house component to the red tile

  3. [Human player] Stack the delivered house components on the red tile to complete a house (Brown Walls + Gray Walls + Roof)

Stage 2 -Turbine and Bridge Scoring

  1. Rotate the Wind Turbine into position (green beams aligned)

  2. Lower the Bridge

Stage 3 - Water Tower and Pipe Scoring

  1. Remove the Water Pipe from its trailer

  2. Move the Water Pipe to the Water Tower tile

  3. Lift the Water Tower upright

Stage 4 - Crop and Food Scoring

  1. Deliver a Crop to the Food Processor tile

  2. [Human or robot] Once Crops are delivered, press down on the Food Processor to produce Food

  3. Deliver the Food to the red tile


City Technology Rebuild Scoring


All tasks are worth 1 point

Stage 1 - Hospital and Dock Scoring

  1. Remove Medicine from the Dock
  2. Deliver Medicine to the Hospital tile
  3. Place Medicine on a blue square inside the Hospital
  4. End with the robot touching the red tile

Stage 2 - Fire Station and Shelter Scoring

  1. Remove Supplies from the Fire Station
  2. Raise the Emergency Shelter roof
  3. Deliver Supplies to the Emergency Shelter


Stage 3 - Trees and Power Lines Scoring

  1. Raise a fallen Tree
  2. Raise the fallen Power Lines

Stage 4 - Landslide and Rock Scoring

  1. The city is still in danger. Trigger the landslide (watch for falling rocks!)
  2. Move a Rock to the red tile to help clear the roads


For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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