Running a VEX GO Competition

VEX GO Competitions are a fabulous way to harness students' excitement and motivate them to learn essential STEM concepts. Competitions can be held no matter what stage the competition Field is in, so students of all skill levels can participate.


Competition Notes


  • As more stages are added, the students will not be able to complete all the tasks in the time available. They will need to strategize together to decide which tasks to focus on in order to score the most points.
  • The rules, and the field can both be modified if needed.

Pre-Competition Setup

  • Set aside a full class period for the competition
  • Charge batteries the day before
  • Locate a stopwatch
  • Set the field up on the floor or a table where all students will be able to watch.

Student and Educator Roles

  • Students will work in pairs
    • One student will drive the robot
    • The other student will assist with designated human tasks
  • Educators will
    • Make a numbered list of all teams by robot name
    • Keep the best score and time for each team
    • Announce the winners once all matches are complete
    • Determine if additional awards will be given, such as 
      • Best Team Spirit Award
      • Best Looking Team Robot

Competition Steps

  • Each team plays one match on their turn
  • Teams play at least three matches each (more can be played if time allows, as long as all teams play the same number of matches)
  • Each team's highest score is used to determine the winner

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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