Opening an EXP Python Project on Windows

There are several ways to open a Python project in Windows.

How to Open a Python Project in VEXcode EXP (Windows)

A Python project can be opened in the following ways.

Open an Existing Project


Select ‘File’ in the Toolbar.


Select ‘Open’ in the drop down menu.


Your device’s File Menu will open. Select ‘Downloads’ or the location where you saved your file. Notice that VEXcode EXP Python projects have the .exppython extension. Then, select the desired .exppython project file.


Select 'Open'.


Your project will open in VEXcode EXP.

Open a Recent Project


You can also open a project that has been saved recently by selecting the ‘Open Recent’ option. When selected, a menu with recently saved projects will open.

Open an Example Project


Select ‘File’ in the Toolbar.


Select ‘Open Examples’ in the drop down menu


Select a Template or an Example Project.

Note: Templates and Example Projects are used for the following.

  • Templates configure the motors and sensors on your robot for the project.
  • Example projects are premade projects that are ready to download and run.


This project features the BaseBot (Drivetrain 2-motor) Template.


Once selected, the Template or Example Project will open.

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