Configuring Smart Motors in VEXcode EXP

When starting to program with VEXcode EXP, Motor blocks will not appear in the Toolbox until a motor has been configured.

Adding a Motor


To configure a motor, select the Devices window icon to open the Devices window


Select “Add a device.”


Select “Motor.”


Select which port the motor is attached to on the VEX EXP Brain. Ports that are already configured for other devices will be unavailable.


Once the motor has been configured, select “Done” to submit the device to the configuration.

Note: Selecting “Cancel” will undo any changes you have made to the device and will not be a part of the configuration.

Note: To configure the motor further, see the additional options below.

Changing a Motor’s Port Number


You can change the port number for the Motor by first selecting the Motor in the Devices window.


Then, select the plug icon in the top right corner of the Options screen.


Select its port on the Port Selection screen, and the port number will turn green. Then select Done to submit the change. 

Naming Motor Directions


The Motor Options screen allows you to rename the directions the motor spins from their default of “forward” and “reverse”.  For example, if configuring the Arm Motor of a VEX EXP Clawbot, you can rename the directions to “Up” and “Down”. Then select Done to submit the device changes to the configuration. 

Renaming a Motor 


You can also rename the motor by changing the name in the text box at the top of the Options screen. If you select an invalid name, the text box will highlight red to indicate. Then select Done to submit the device changes to the configuration. 


If you change the name of a motor that is already being used in your project, you will need to update the motor name in the Block to the new name using the drop down.

Reversing a Motor


The Options screen also allows the direction of the motors to be reversed.

Deleting a Motor


Motors can also be deleted by selecting the “Delete” option at the bottom of the screen.

Note: If you delete a motor that is already being used in your project, the project will not work until the blocks using that motor have also been deleted.

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