Charging the EXP Battery

You will need a charged battery before a project can be run on the VEX EXP Brain.

Charging the VEX EXP Battery


Have the following ready to charge the Robot Battery:

    • VEX EXP Battery
    • USB-C charging cord

View this animation to see how to charge your Battery using the USB-C cord.

    • The USB-C cord must be plugged into a power source in order to charge the Battery.

NOTE: The Battery's indicator lights will flash while it is charging.


Checking the VEX EXP Battery Level

You can check the Battery level with a connected VEX EXP Brain, or on the Battery itself, using the indicator lights.

View this animation to see how to check the Battery level with the VEX EXP Brain.  


View this animation to see how to check the Battery level using the Battery's indicator lights.

    • 1 light = 0-25% charge
    • 2 lights = 25-50% charge
    • 3 lights = 50-75% charge
    • 4 lights = 75-100% charge

VEX EXP Battery Life Best Practices

Use the following helpful tips to keep your VEX EXP Batteries ready for use at all times.

  • Charge the EXP Brain battery whenever time allows.
    • Have the Brain Battery charge whenever it is not being used.
    • Keep all backup batteries fully charged and ready before storing them so that they can be used as soon as they are needed.
  • Disconnect the EXP Brain Battery whenever not in use.
    • Squeeze the latch at the end of the Robot Battery and push it out of the Brain slightly if not in use but charging is unnecessary.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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