The purpose of this V5 Workcell Dimension document is to allow a better understanding of the space allocated for the VEX V5 Workcell, and is to be used for future reference when employing the Workcell combined with other moving parts for the aspect of safety.

Maximum Reach


The top view of the VEX V5 Workcell showing the entire work envelope in the maximum reach configuration. In order to obtain the maximum reach, the end effector must be touching the base plate, while the back half of the arm is parallel to the base plate (see the image to the left). Once the maximum reach configuration is achieved, the work envelope is measured from the center of the base, or Joint 1, to 285° degrees around the robot arm, and has the capability of reaching out to a distance of 13.87” which is the center of the end effector. It is worth noting that attachments to the end effector will decrease the maximum reach, depending on the height of the attachment. 

The profile view of the Workcell in maximum reach configuration. The maximum reach will only decrease as the end effector is raised. Note the image on the right side, maximum height and maximum reach will not be possible simultaneously as per the dependent relationship.

Maximum Height


The profile view of the Workcell in maximum height configuration. The maximum reach while in the maximum height configuration is measured from Joint 1, to the center of the end effector, a distance of 8.95”. The maximum height achievable is 6.60” from the base plate. Other dimensions include distance from the connection of the arm to the center of the base (0.72”), and the height of the arm connection to the base plate (5.30”). To increase maximum height, the standoffs connecting the arm to the base plate may be substituted for larger ones.

Workcell Joint Dimensions


The profile view of the VEX V5 Workcell denoting various dimensions between pivot points for future reference.

Mastered Angles


When the mastering jig is inserted, the calibrated angles are shown in the image to the left. The shoulder connection (where the arm itself connects to the base) is at an angle of 20° with respect to the vertical axis. The elbow connection (located at the top of the Workcell) is also at an angle of 20° with respect to the previous elbow connection. Lastly, the wrist connection (located on the end effector) is a right angle with respect to the vertical axis.

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