During the nano Zombie invasion of the great city of Nanotopia, the nano claimed victory by hurling the nano Zombies through a mysterious portal. Saving the planet from destruction, and resulting in 100 years of peace in the world of Planet HEXBUG since the nano Zombies were banished from the land.

One day, a young nano wandered alone through a nearby forest, hungry for a fresh battery, when it stumbled upon a portal similar to the one from years ago. The nano moved in for a closer look when... WHOOSH! The nano was swallowed whole by the vortex with a bright flash of light!

The nano woke up in a never before seen world of Virtual Robots (VR). It looked similar to its home Planet HEXBUG in some ways, but was wildly different in others. The nano was determined to survive to find its way back to Planet HEXBUG. The biggest difference was that in this virtual world, the nano was unable to move on its own! The nano found that it still had all of its senses, but needed code to be able to move and use them successfully. Luckily, nano, unlike most other creatures on Planet HEXBUG, are able to strategize to survive. Their senses have evolved over time, giving them unparalleled abilities to sense danger, sniff out food, and remember places they have been before.


Over time, the intrepid nano explored and mapped this rugged and uncharted territory, finding wild batteries to eat to maintain its strength. It wasn’t long before the nano came upon some of the Zombie nanos that had been banished through the portal! The nano, the smartest creature on Planet HEXBUG, knew that this could be the opportunity they needed to defeat the nano Zombies once and for all! The nano knew that it would need a plan to survive long enough to seek out and defeat the nano Zombies.


The brave nano built a nest to collect and store food, and rebuild its strength when needed. As the nano traveled deeper through the woods, it discovered a Scorpion colony in the desert. It seemed the nano had more than just the nano Zombies to contend with – it had another predator to watch out for! Unfortunately for the nano, these natural enemies were the barrier to collecting more food, so they had to be defeated.


With each adventure, the nano discovered more and more about this vast virtual world, growing stronger the longer it survived. The nano set out to destroy the nano Zombies and Scorpions, but many times, barely lived to tell the tale. It was overrun by nano Zombie swarms, or unable to withstand the desert conditions near the Scorpion colony. Luckily, with code, the bold nano could be revived to live to fight another day. Armed with its stun code, super nano-senses, and a fresh battery, the nano continued to head into the wild on a survival mission to defeat the nano Zombies, and protect the future of the nano species.


YOU are the brave nano! Your goal is to wipe out the nano Zombies, and attack the Scorpions to collect their food reserves. As you explore the virtual Planet HEXBUG world, you will need to find food to maintain your strength, and attack enemies to survive. You will be in the wild for a long time, so storing food in a nest will help you grow stronger, so you can travel further and defeat more enemies. Good Luck – the future of the nano is at stake!

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