Features of the VR Rover

The VR Rover in VEXcode VR is equipped with sensing capabilities and a variety of controls.


VR Rover Controls

The VR Rover has the following controls:

  • A drivetrain with a built-in gyro. This enables the “Drivetrain” category of commands in the Toolbox of VEXcode VR to drive and turn the robot. The gyro allows the robot to make accurate and precise turns. The drivetrain heading reports a value from 0 to 359.9 degrees, and clockwise is positive.


  • The VR Rover can pick up a mineral sample and use it or carry it around the alien environment.
  • Because enemies can be found throughout Rover Rescue, the VR Rover has the ability to neutralize irradiated enemies by absorbing their radiation. Neutralizing may be beneficial in these scenarios:
    • To gather the minerals that enemies are protecting
    • To collect energy from neutralizing enemies
    • To defend against an enemy that has sensed the VR Rover

For more information on neutralizing enemies, see this article.

VR Rover Physical Attributes

The VR Rover has the following physical attributes:

  • The VR Rover is approximately 191 millimeters (mm) long and 147 millimeters (mm) wide
  • A multi-purpose claw used to collect minerals

VR Rover Sensing

The VR Rover has the following sensing capabilities:

  • A Distance Sensor that returns the distance of a detected object in millimeters (mm) and inches
  • A Location Sensor that reports the VR Rover's position. This is done with (X,Y) coordinates in millimeters (mm)
  • Built-in AI technology for detecting minerals and enemies, and seeing minerals, obstacles, the Base, and enemies
  • Additional sensing capabilities include:
    • Ability to detect when the VR Rover is under attack
    • Ability to report the amount of minerals stored at the Base

To learn more about the VR Rover’s AI, see this article.

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