Accessing VEX Professional Development Plus for Mentors

Each VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) and VEX IQ Challenge (VIQC) registered team is provided a Mentor Key for accessing VEX Professional Development Plus (VEX PD+).

Finding Your Team's Mentor Key

To find your team’s Mentor Key, go to


Select “Login” on the Robot Events page. 


Enter the email address and password associated with your Robot Events account. Then select the "Login" button.

Don't have an account? Go here to create a RobotEvents account.


Once you have logged into your account, select “My Teams” from the account navigation.


Here you will see a list of your registered teams with their Mentor Keys.

No key listed? Make sure that your team’s registration has been renewed for the current season.

Note: The Mentor Key can only be activated once. If you have multiple teams, make sure to record which Key goes with each team's mentor.

Entering Your Team's Mentor Key

Before you can enter your team’s Mentor Key to access the various VEX PD+ offerings, open


Go to and select “Login.” 


Login using your VEX Account.

Don’t have a VEX Account? Fill out this form to register for a VEX Account.

Then navigate back to after creating your account, and log in.


Once logged in, you will see your profile information, and the VEX PD+ offerings. Because no licenses are activated, all of the links will be grayed out.


Select “Activate a license key.”


Enter your license key that was found on Robot Events, agree to the terms of use, and select ‘Activate.’


After activating a key, your licenses will be displayed with the type and end date of the license. Your type of license is determined by the team registration.

If this mentor key is associated with a VIQC team, you will see VEX VIQC under "Type." If the mentor key is associated with a VRC team, you will see VEX VRC under "Type," as shown in the image here.


You will now be able to select any of the Professional Development Offerings with available content for VRC or VIQC Mentors.


If you are having trouble logging in or need additional support, click here.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus