Understanding Indicator Lights - IQ Controller (2nd gen)

Using VEX IQ (1st generation)? See this article.

Notice there are two different indicator lights on the VEX IQ (2nd generation) Controller.

Power LED

The first indicator light is called the Power LED.


There are three possible colors of the Power LED to indicate the status of the VEX IQ Controller Battery and of the VEX IQ Radio Link:

Power LED Color   Controller Status Controller Battery Status

Solid Green Controller ON - NOT paired with a Brain Controller Battery level sufficient

Blinking Green Controller ON - Paired with a Brain Controller Battery level sufficient


Solid Yellow Actively Pairing  

Solid Red Controller ON Controller Battery level low


Blinking Red Controller ON - Paired with a Brain Controller Battery level low

If the Controller is not wirelessly connected to a VEX IQ Brain, see this article for more information about wirelessly pairing a VEX IQ (2nd generation) Controller and Brain.

Charge LED

The second is called the Charge LED. This LED will only illuminate when the Controller is plugged into a charger. 


There are three possible colors for the Charge LED: green, red, and gray.

Charge LED Color   Status

Solid Green Controller Battery is completely charged

Solid Red Controller Battery charge in progress

Blinking Red Controller Battery fault

Off Not charging

See this article for information on how to charge a VEX IQ (2nd generation) Controller.

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