Using the Devices Screen - IQ Brain (2nd gen)

You can use the Sensor Dashboard on the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain to view data for a connected motor or sensor. 


Use the left and right buttons to highlight the Devices menu option, then press the Check button to select Devices.


In the Devices menu, you will see connected devices on your robot.

Use the left and right buttons to highlight your desired sensor, then press the Check button to select it.


If there is more than one data type reported by the sensor, you can use the Check button to scroll through the sensor data options.

In this example image, the Optical Sensor can show hue value, brightness, or proximity.


Continue to press the Check button until you see the desired Dashboard view for your selected sensor.

This example image shows the Sensor Dashboard for the Optical Sensor. The Dashboard shows the port the Optical Sensor is connected to, as well as the hue value, color, LED, brightness, and proximity data. 

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