Connecting with App-based VEXcode IQ to an IQ (2nd gen) Brain - Android

It takes just a few steps to connect a VEX (2nd generation) IQ Brain to App-Based VEXcode IQ on your Android device. Before beginning, make sure that you know the name of your Brain. For help naming your Brain see this article.


Insert the Battery into the IQ Brain.


Turn on the IQ Brain by pressing the checkmark button.


Launch app-based VEXcode IQ.


You may get a message asking you to allow the app to access your files. Select 'Allow'.


Select the Device window icon to open the Devices window.


Select the '2nd gen' button to indicate you are connecting to a (2nd gen) Brain, then close the Devices window


Select the Brain Button.


Once a Brain is chosen, select the ‘Connect to IQ (2nd Gen)’ button.


When selecting ‘Connect to IQ (2nd Gen)’ you may receive a prompt asking to verify location access. Select ‘Allow only while using the app’.

Note: This window opens the first time you connect with an android device after installing the VEXcode IQ app, or or if you disable the location permission for the app.


The Brain icon will turn orange and a ‘Scanning’ message will appear while the Brain is connecting.  Then, a list of available IQ Brains will appear. Select the name of the brain you want to connect to.


Once a Brain is chosen, select the 'Connect' button.


A four-digit connection code will appear on the Brain's screen.


Type the code into the prompt in the app and select 'submit'.


The Brain icon will turn green to indicate it is connected. If you select the Brain icon, it will indicate the name of the Brain is it connected to.

To Disconnect a VEX IQ Brain from App-based VEXcode IQ


Select ‘Disconnect’ to disconnect your IQ (2nd generation) Brain from VEXcode IQ.

If You Are Experiencing Connection Issues

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