Troubleshooting Connecting to Web-based VEXcode 123

If you are having trouble connecting to your 123 Robot using web-based VEXcode 123 (, there are several steps you can take to solve the problem.

VEXcode 123 Cannot Find My 123 Robot



No 123 Robots are found when trying to connect to web-based VEXcode 123.

Ensure the 123 Robot is powered on, and in range of your device. Turn on the 123 Robot by pushing the wheels along a surface to “wake” the 123 Robot.

The 123 Robot must be in Bluetooth range (within approximately 30 feet) of the device you are attempting to connect to.

Ensure that the 123 Robot is charged. The indicator light will pulse red to indicate that the 123 has a low battery.

For more information on checking the battery level of the 123 Robot using the indicator light, view this VEX Library article.

Ensure the 123 Robot is not currently in update mode. A 123 Robot will flash colors and play sounds when it is updating. View the following animation to view the flashing colors and hear the sounds.

Note: the update length has been shortened for the animation. An actual firmware update may take up to 2 minutes.


Ensure Bluetooth is enabled and VEXcode 123 has permission to use Bluetooth on your device.

These articles from the VEX Library provide guidance on how to troubleshoot a wireless connection via Bluetooth to your device.

The 123 Robot Battery Level Is Too Low to Update the 123 Robot



Your 123 Robot cannot connect because the firmware is out of date and needs to be updated. However, the 123 Robot battery level is too low to do so.

Possible Solution:


Charge the 123 Robot. Then, attempt to connect your 123 Robot to VEXcode 123.

Connection to 123 Robot Was Lost



Your 123 Robot lost connection to Web-based VEXcode 123. A lost connection could be caused by the 123 Robot being carried out of range, or the 123 Robot dying.

Possible Solution Steps:


If your 123 Robot is out of range, bring it back into range of your device.

These articles from the VEX Library provide guidance on how to troubleshoot a wireless connection via Bluetooth to your device.


If your 123 Robot is dead, charge the battery. Then power the 123 Robot on to reconnect.

If your Robot is charged and the Robot is in range, then power cycle the 123 Robot. (Turn the robot off and on again.) To turn off the 123 Robot, press and hold the ‘Start’ button for 3 seconds. Then, wake the robot by pushing the wheels along a surface. The indicator light will begin pulsing, and you will hear the startup sound to indicate the 123 Robot is turned on and ready for coding.

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