Using the Printable VEX GO Parts Ruler

Whether organizing parts, following a set of build instructions, or building a custom design, identifying a part correctly can be crucial to your success.

The VEX GO Parts Ruler is a handy tool to help identify parts.

Note: when printing the .pdf be sure to set to 100% scale.

This article will explain:

Using the Ruler to Identify Parts

The VEX GO Parts Ruler can be used to identify parts while organizing parts or following a set of build instructions. The scale on the ruler is 1:1, so parts can simply be placed on top of the ruler.


Measuring Beams and Plates. Example shown is a 2x6 Beam.

  • 2 indicates a width of 2 pitch units.
  • 6 indicates a length of 6 pitch units.


Measuring Standoffs. Example shown is a 0.5x pitch Standoff.


Measuring Pulleys. Example shown is a 30mm Pulley.


Measuring Gears. Example shown is a 16 Tooth Gear.


Measuring ropes. Example shown is the Short Rope.

  • The Short Rope is 12x pitch
  • The Long Rope is 24x pitch


Measuring Pins. Example shown is a 1x2 Pin.


Measure Specialty Beams. Example shown is a 45° Angle Beam.


Measure Shafts. Example shown is a 2x pitch shaft.


Measure shaft accessories. Example shown is a shaft collar.

Tip and trick: The .pdf of the VEX GO Parts Ruler can be printed out on a clear plastic transparency. This will allow the ruler to be overlaid on a robot and measurements can be made by measuring through the ruler.

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