Using the Autocomplete Feature in a VRC Virtual Skills Python Project

Using the Autocomplete functionality while creating a VRC Virtual Skills Python project in VEXcode V5 can help save time and prevent errors while typing commands.

The following article will cover:

How to Use Autocomplete

Step 1: Begin typing to open the selection menu.


The device or command name will appear in a drop-down selection menu.


To access a list of the possible commands available using the Autocomplete function, press Control + Space (on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS).

Step 2: Make a Selection with the AutoComplete


Press “Enter/Return” or “Tab” on your keyboard or left click on the command with your mouse to make a selection.

Note that with longer selection menus, you can make a selection using one of the following options:

  • Use your “Up” and “Down” keys to select the name you want, then press “Tab” or (Enter/Return) on your keyboard to make the selection.
  • Use your mouse to scroll up and down in the Autocomplete menu. Then left click on the desired selection.

Step 3: Add a Dot Operator to List all the Commands Available to that Device


Adding a dot operator (a period, “.”) will open a new menu of all commands available to the device.

Step 4: Make a Selection by Using One of the Following Options

  • Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons on your keyboard to navigate the menu and then press “Return" on Mac, “Enter" on Windows or Chromebook to make a selection.
  • Left click with your mouse on the desired command.

Step 5: Add Parameters


Parameters are the options that are passed to the command between the parenthesis.


Some commands require multiple parameters be set. Add a comma after a parameter to add another parameter.


Once all parameters have been added to the command, the command is complete!