Minimum Computer Requirements for Using VRC Virtual Skills

Virtual Skills is a feature in the VEXcode V5 web-based application that allows registered teams to play VRC Virtual Skills for the 2021-22 VEX Robotics Competition (VRC), Tipping Point. To play VRC Virtual skills, registered teams will need a computer that meets the minimum requirements. This article lists the requirements for using VEXcode V5 Virtual Skills on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers.

The following article will cover:

System Requirements

Internet connectivity is required to run the web-based version of VEXcode V5. You will need a broadband internet connection and a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Operating System Web Browser
Microsoft Windows 7+ Chrome
Apple macOS 10.13+ Chrome
Google ChromeOS 70+ Chrome

Processor and RAM Requirements

  Minimum Recommended
Processor Speed 1.1 GHz 2.3 GHz
CPU Cores 2 2
GPU Integrated Graphics Integrated Graphics

Note: Results may vary from computer to computer. The age of the device may be a factor. We recommend machines that are no more than 6 years old.