The V5 Smart Motors provide a powerful way to move robotic assemblies and they have built-in sensors which measure rotation, rotational speed, current draw, power, temperature, and torque.


V5 Smart Motors


The V5 Smart Motor can be securely attached to your robot using the two #8-32 threaded inserts.

The motor’s shaft socket will accept both the high-strength ¼ inch shafts and the standard ⅛ inch shafts.

Beside the shaft socket is a crescent window which allows easy identification of which gear cartridge the motor is using.


The V5 Motor’s Smart Port is conveniently found on its side.

There is a decal on the top of the motor which indicates the positive spin direction of the shaft socket.


The V5 Smart Motor’s Smart Port has a red LED which is used for diagnostic purposes.


The V5 Smart Motor can utilize three different interchangeable gear cartridges to change its maximum shaft rotational speed to 100 RPM, 200 RPM, or 600 RPM.
There are also replacement parts available for the V5 Smart Motor.

V5 Smart Motor's Specifications


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