To begin your VRC Virtual Skills Match, you must choose the starting position and any Preload Discs on Disco, this year's Hero Bot, with the starting configuration window.


Selecting a Starting Position


When you first launch VRC Virtual Skills and enter your team's Virtual Skills Key, you will be prompted to select your starting configuration.

Choose your desired Starting Position (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, or J) by selecting the letter on the Field. Note that Disco automatically will begin on position C unless another option is selected.

Selecting Preload Discs


The Preload selections are shown in the “Choose Preloads” section of the starting position window.


Select the number of Preload Disc (up to two) to place in Disco's intake.

Note: If a single Preload is chosen, it will be placed at the top position of the intake as shown in the image of Disco below the Preload selection.


Select ‘Confirm’ to save your selected starting configuration for Disco.

Changing the Starting Configuration


To change the starting configuration, select the location icon in the Virtual Skills Window.


Then the starting configuration window will open.

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