The V5 Robot Brain allows your robot to receive a multitude of different inputs, then process those inputs with an abundance of expandable storage that turns the inputs into a wide variety of outputs.

It is the Brain of your robot!




The V5 Robot Brain has a 4.25 inch full color touch-screen which allows you to have direct control with the touch of a finger, in addition, it has a near limitless amount of feedback, a dashboard, and can be customized using VEXcode.

The screen is shielded by a removable plastic protector that is held securely in place by magnets.


Your V5 Robot Brain can be attached to the robot using the four #8-32 threaded inserts located on the bottom of the brain. These can used any of the #8-32 VEX screws.


The Brain also has Pin holes conveniently located on all four sides which will accommodate the included Flanges or can be used with VEX Pins to attach the Robot Brain to your robot.


In addition to a programming and a battery port, the V5 Brain provides 21 Smart Ports which recognize and utilize the V5 Smart Motors, V5 Electromagnet, V5 3-Wire Expander, V5 Radio, and V5 Sensors, as well as allowing for a wired connection to the V5 Controller.


The Brain also has eight 3-Wire ports which can be configured to accept the legacy Servo, the Pneumatic Solenoid Driver, LED’s, and 3-Wire Sensors.


The V5 Robot Brain is fully programmable with VEXcode V5 in Blocks, Python, and C++.

VEXcode V5 is available for all popular devices.


The V5 Brain has eight slots to store eight different custom programs for selection and use.


For advanced programmers, VEXcode Pro V5 (C++) is also available.

There are also a number of other custom programming options available.

Robot Brain Specifications


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