It is easy to receive and load a VEXcode IQ project that has been shared with you by email.

How to Receive and Load a Project File with Email

VEXcode IQ Virtual Skills project files cannot be opened directly by clicking on the file. They must be opened in the VEXcode IQ web-based app. Follow the steps below to load a project that has been shared with you by email.


Open your email and download the project file to your device.


Launch web-based VEXcode IQ at, then select ‘Load From Your Device’ in the file menu.


Select the project file in your download folder to have it open in the workspace.

Note: VEXcode IQ projects  for use with VIQC Virtual Skills are easily identifiable by the .iqblocksskills or .iqpythonskills file extension.

For more information on how to load a project, see the Load and Save VEX Library article for your device.

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