Sharing VIQC Virtual Skills Projects

Once a VEXcode IQ project (.iqblocksskills) has been created, it can easily be shared via email.

The following article will cover:

  • How to Share a Project File with Email

How to Share a Project File with Email

Sharing a VEXcode IQ project file is easy. You will first need to save your project. Once saved, your project file can be shared via email by following the steps below.

Note: All VEXcode IQ project files for use with VIQC Virtual Skills are saved with the .iqblocksskills file extension.


Open your email to start a new message.

Attach your .iqblocksskills project file to the email.


Add your recipient’s email, subject title, and message. Then, send the email with your .iqblocksskills project file attached.

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