The V5 Controller packages two analog joysticks and 12 buttons into a familiar video-game style design for a versatile driver control.


The Controller has programmable haptic feedback and built-in VEXnet 3.0 radio and Bluetooth® for wireless communication with the V5 Brain using the V5 Robot Radio.


A rechargeable integrated 3.7v Li-ion battery ensures enough charge to get you through multiple class periods or a full day of competition.

The battery is conveniently charged through a mini-USB connector which also allows for wireless programming and debugging with the V5 Robot Brain


The Controller’s LCD Screen (with backlight white and red LEDs) allows for real-time information and can be customized with VEXcode.

It also allows you to start and stop programs from the controller.

Plus, you can use the competition practice mode to sync up with other robots and run practice matches.


Your V5 Controller has two Smart Ports conveniently located on the front which can be used to synchronize the V5 Controller with the V5 Robot Brain and also be used to complete firmware updates.

They can also be used to connect with a partner V5 Controller and double the available robot functions which can be controlled.

There is a Competition Port located on the front to allow connection to the VEX Robotics Competition’s field control.

V5 Controller Specifications


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