Finding Your Robot's Track Width and Wheelbase

When configuring a robot without a Gyro or Inertial Sensor, you will need to measure your robot’s track width and wheelbase. This is important to ensure that your robot turns accurately.


This article will cover:

  • How to Measure Track Width
  • How to Measure Wheelbase

How to Measure Track Width


Track width is the distance between the robot’s right wheels’ center point and the robot’s left wheels’ center point.

The wider the track width, the more revolutions the wheels on each side need to make in opposite directions per degree of turn.

How to Measure Wheelbase


Wheelbase is the distance between the drive shafts of the two drive wheels on the robot’s side.

Note: A two-wheel drive robot only has one drive shaft on each side of the robot, so it will have a 0 millimeter wheelbase.