Identifying the 123 Robot’s Features


The VEX 123 Robot is equipped with many physical features.


The 123 Robot also contains built in sensors and controls.

Robot Physical Features

The 123 Robot has the following physical features:


The Move, Right, Sound, Left, and Start buttons to code the 123 Robot to drive forward, turn, or play a sound. For more information about coding with the buttons on the 123 Robot, view this article from the VEX Library.


A built in speaker. The 123 Robot can be coded to play sounds. The 123 Robot also plays operating sounds during use, such as when the 123 Robot wakes up, completes a project, or powers down. To learn more about some of these sounds in the context of using the 123 Robot, view this article from the VEX Library.


Indicator lights in the Start button. The indicator light can be coded to change colors, as well as display certain light patterns to alert you to the 123 Robot’s battery level and status while connecting or starting a project. For more information about the different light patterns in the context of using the 123 Robot, view this article from the VEX Library.

Robot Sensors and Controls

The 123 Robot has the following sensors and controls:


A Gyro Sensor that is built into the Drivetrain. The Gyro Sensor enables the 123 Robot to drive straight and also to make accurate turns. Whenever the Gyro Sensor is rotated, it measures the angle of the turn. The returned measure is in degrees, where turning clockwise is positive, as shown in the image below.


An Eye Sensor on the front of the 123 Robot that can detect if there is an object present. The Eye Sensor can also detect color (red, green, blue).

A built in Accelerometer. This allows the 123 Robot’s movements to be measured and also detect if the 123 Robot has crashed into an object or wall.

A Line Detector on the bottom of the 123 Robot. This allows the 123 Robot to perform certain behaviors, such as stopping or turning around, once a line is detected underneath it.

A 2-Motor Drivetrain. The Drivetrain is the part of the 123 Robot that connects the motors and wheels to allow the robot to move. The Drivetrain can move your 123 Robot specific distances, forward, left, and right with only one button press, one Coder card, or one block in VEXcode 123, instead of having to code the movement of each motor individually.

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