Connecting the V5 Vision Sensor to a Mobile Device


To connect a V5 Vision Sensor to a mobile device, first verify the Wifi on the V5 Brain is turned on. Select on the ‘Devices’ icon on the Brain’s screen.


Verify there is a Vision Sensor connected to the Brain. In this example, the Vision Sensor is connected to Port 20 on the Brain.


Verify the Wifi on the Vision Sensor is turned on. Navigate to the Home screen and select the ‘Settings’ icon.


View ‘Vision Sensor Wifi.’ If the setting is ‘Off,’ press on the word ‘Off’ on the Brain’s screen to turn it on.


Ensure ‘Vision Sensor Wifi’ now shows the Wifi is ‘On.’


Navigate to the Wifi settings page on your mobile device and ensure you see a Vision Sensor option. The Vision Sensor name will vary but should begin with ‘VISION_.’


Select the Vision Sensor name and verify the Vision Sensor is connected to the mobile device Wifi.


On your mobile device, open your web browser and enter


Camera data from the Vision Sensor will now be viewable on your mobile device.

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