Connecting with App-based VEXcode 123 - Chromebook

It takes just a few steps to connect a 123 Robot to your Chromebook.

Turn on the 123 Robot by pushing the 123 Robot along a surface to “wake” it.


Launch VEXcode 123.


Open VEXcode 123 and select the Robot icon in the Toolbar.


Select ‘Connect.’


A list of available 123 Robots will appear. Select the name of the Robot you want to pair.


Once a Robot is chosen, select the ‘Pair’ button.


The Robot icon will turn orange and a ‘Connecting to:’ message will appear while the Robot is connecting.


Once the 123 Robot is connected, the icon will turn green. The message in the window will say ‘Connected to:’ and list the name of the 123 Robot that is connected to this Chromebook.


Underneath the 'Connected to:' message, there is an icon that displays the battery level of the 123 Robot.

The level in the battery will appear as one of three colors:


Red for a low battery level

Screen_Shot_2021-02-04_at_2.34.45_PM.png Yellow for a medium battery level
Screen_Shot_2021-02-04_at_2.34.50_PM.png Green for a full battery level

To Disconnect a VEX 123 Robot from App-based VEXcode 123


Select ‘Disconnect’ to disconnect your 123 Robot from VEXcode 123.

If You Are Experiencing Connection Issues