Connecting a VEX 123 Robot to Web-based VEXcode 123

It takes just a few steps to connect a 123 Robot to Web-based VEXcode 123.

Turn on the 123 Robot by pushing the 123 Robot along a surface to “wake” it.

Launch VEXcode 123 by navigating to View the Setting up VEXcode 123 article for browser and device requirements.


Open VEXcode 123 and select the Robot icon in the Toolbar.


Select ‘Connect.’


A list of available 123 Robots will appear. Select the name of the Robot you want to pair.


Once a Robot is chosen, select the ‘Pair’ button.


The Robot icon will turn orange and a ‘Connecting to:’ message will appear while the Robot is connecting.


Once the Robot is connected, the icon will turn green. The message in the window will say ‘Connected to:’ and list the name of the 123 Robot that is connected to the Web-based VEXcode 123.


Underneath the “Connected to” message, there is an icon that displays the battery level of the 123 Robot.

The level in the battery will appear as one of three colors:


Red for a low battery level

Screen_Shot_2021-02-04_at_2.34.45_PM.png Yellow for a medium battery level
Screen_Shot_2021-02-04_at_2.34.50_PM.png Green for a full battery level


To disconnect from a Robot, select ‘Disconnect.’


If you are experiencing connection issues, select 'Help Connect Your VEX 123 Brain' which links to this article in the Knowledge Base.