Opening and Saving VEXcode 123 Projects on an Android

This article will cover the following topics:

Create a New Project

A new project opens when VEXcode 123 is opened. But, a new project can also be opened from the File menu.


Select ‘New Blocks Project’ from the File menu.


Note: when creating a new project, a prompt will appear asking to save if the current project has not already been saved. See the ‘Save a Project’ section for details on how to save a project.

Open an Example Project


Open an example project by selecting ‘Open Examples’ from the File menu.

Open a Recent Project


Open the list of recent projects from the File menu.


Then, select a recent project to open it.

Open an Existing Project


Select ‘Open’ from the File menu to open an existing project.


Select the file to open a project.


The project will open in the Workspace, and the name of the project will appear in the Project Name area.

Save a Project

A project can be saved in VEXcode 123 by using the File menu and Save as a copy.

Save Using the File Menu


Open the File menu and select ‘Save.’


The device’s File menu will then open.


Use the keypad to name your new project.


Select ‘Save’ after naming the project.


After a project is saved, VEXcode 123 will automatically save all changes in a project.

Save a Copy


To make a copy of a project under a different name or in a different location, select ‘Save As’ in the File menu.

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