Building with the V5 Workcell - Part 3: Structure

Assembling the VEX V5 Workcell is a fun and educational activity.



The Build Instructions found in the Seek section of the V5 Workcell STEM Labs provide parts lists and detailed illustrations to guide the learner with the assembly.

What is V5 Structure?

The V5 Structure consists of all the plastic and metal pieces found on the V5 Workcell that make up the platform, brackets, marker holder, robot arm, and the connectors that hold them all together.


Tips and Tricks when working with the V5 Structure


Building Instructions included in the V5 Workcell STEM Labs include part numbers on the part list and on the detailed assembly illustrations. This can help ensure that the builder is using the correct parts when assembling, as well as provide the quantity for how many of a certain part is required. It adds to the ease of assembly to collect all of the parts needed prior to starting a step in the Building Instructions.


The VEX tools that are used to tighten fasteners include wrenches, Star Drive Keys, and Star Drive Screwdrivers. The Star Drives come in two sizes. The T15 Star Drive is the larger of the two and is used with the screws found in the V5 Workcell Kit. The T8 Star drive is smaller and is used to tighten the set screws in Shaft collars.


Screws, standoffs, and nuts can be assembled as finger tight to connect them. However, wrenches and Star drive keys need to be used to tighten these fasteners. Using V5 Fasteners will provide you with more information to help assemble your build.

A stripped screw can be a problem during assembly, however there are some tips for Removing V5 Stripped Screws.


Do not over tighten screws into the V5 Smart Motor #8-32 Threaded Inserts. This could damage the inserts.


Do not over tighten Nylock nuts on pivot points. Over tightening will cause the junction of a pivot point to bind and not rotate easily.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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