Saving a V5 C++ Project on macOS

When working in VEXcode V5, it is important to understand how to save a project on a macOS device.

Using ‘Save’


Saving VEXcode V5 C++ projects is easy. First, select the project name window.


A Save dialog window will open.


Name your project by typing in your device's Save dialog window.

Notice the .v5cpp file extension after the file name. VEXcode V5 C++ files will have this file extension.


Select the destination, such as the Downloads folder.


Then select ‘Save.’


The file will save to the chosen destination on your device. VEXcode V5 C++ projects are recognizable by their .v5cpp extension.


The updated project name will be visible in the project name window.


Once a project is saved, VEXcode V5 will automatically save all changes in a project.


Note: Whenever there is an unsaved project, VEXcode V5 will prompt users to save their work if the user attempts to:

  • Close VEXcode V5
  • Create a new project
  • Open another project

Using ‘Save As’


You can also use the ‘Save As’ option from the File menu to make a copy of a project under a different name or in a different location.

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