Using VEX GO Unique Pieces


The VEX GO build system is a fun and easy way to allow young students to explore topics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It promotes creativity, critical thinking, spatial thinking, and social skills. Its flexibility and function can also be used in higher grades.

This article will introduce you to some fun parts for your VEX GO projects.

These parts include:



The VEX GO system has two different lengths of ropes: a short rope and a long rope.

These ropes have convenient plastic tabs and round mounting holes that allow them to be conveniently attached to other VEX GO pieces.

The ropes can be used:

  • as a flexible connection between two different parts.
  • with the Green and/or Orange Pulleys to create a pulley system.
  • with the Slotted Beam to provide guidance for the ropes.


A good example of how a rope can be used as a flexible connector between parts can be seen in the Adaptation Claw project. In this project, the short rope is used to connect one side of the claw to the lever which will close the claw.



Included in the VEX GO system are two magnets: a North Magnet and South Magnet.


The magnets are mounted on a beam with four attachment holes that allow them to be easily used in a project.

Since the two magnets have opposite magnetic poles, they will be attracted to one another and this allows for some very creative design projects.

The magnets can also be used with the Red, Blue, and Green Disks which come with the VEX GO system. These disks have a metal core which will allow them to be picked up by the magnets.


The Robot Arm project provides a good example of how a magnet can be used. The Robot Arm has a South Magnet on the end of its arm that can be used to pick up Disks.

Specialty Beams


The VEX GO contains two types of specialty beams: a pink Slotted Beam and a blue Thin Beam.


The Slotted Beam has two attachment holes and a slot to capture things. The slot might be the attachment point for a rubber band or a slot for a rope to fit into. The Slotted Beams can also serve as interesting decorations for projects.


The Thin Beam has six attachment holes and an end square hole that will allow a square pin/shaft to be inserted. This allows for a power transfer which will force the beam to spin.

The clock project provides a good example of how a Thin Beam can be used. The square hole of the Thin Beam is inserted onto the clock’s shaft and the gearing of the clock transfers the power from the Knob to turn the beam like the hand of a clock.

Knob, Slide Beam, and Block


Some other fun accessories which will add motion to your VEX GO projects are the Knob, Slide Beam, and Block.

The Knob has a square hole at its center that will allow a square pin/shaft to be inserted in the hole. This will allow you to turn the shaft/square pin with your hand. An example of how the Knob can be used can be found with the Super Car project. The Knob can be turned in order to wind up a rubber band to provide the energy for the Super Car to move.


The Slide Beam and Block are designed to work together. The Block is molded to fit over the Slide Beam so the Block can easily slide back and forth. This allows any part attached to the Slide Beam and Block to move back and forth.

An example of this can be seen in how the magnet is attached to the Robot Arm project. The Slide Beam and Block allows the Magnet to move back and forth so it can pick up a disk.

Rubber Band


The orange Rubber Band is used in a number of different projects and is a great way to store energy. By releasing the energy of a stretched Rubber Band, the energy can be transferred to your project and make it move. Safety note: The Rubber Band should only be used with the VEX GO projects and with the supervision of an adult.

The release of energy from a stretched Rubber Band can be seen with the Slingshot Car project.

Name Plate


The name plate with its four convenient attachment holes will allow you to place your name or other information on your project. A dry erase marker or a label can be used on the plate for your own personalized message.

Your personal guide - the Astronaut


The VEX GO system will provide you with limitless fun and learning. Each step of the way, you will have your friendly Astronaut to keep you company as you create the future!

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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