Troubleshooting Playground Selection in Safari-based Web Browsers

For non-Safari browsers, a default Playground is loaded automatically when the Playground window is opened.

When using Safari, a default Playground is not automatically loaded when the Playground window is opened. Instead, the user must select the Playground they want to use.

Selecting a Playground in Safari


Select the Playground, Start, or Step icons in the Toolbar to open the Playground window.


Once the Playground Window opens, there will be a message to select a Playground to get started.


Open the drop-down Playground menu and select the desired Playground.


The Playground will load and the project can be started.

VEXcode VR will remember the Playground previously loaded. If the window is closed and then reopened, the previous Playground selected will be reloaded.

Changing Playgrounds


To change Playgrounds, open the drop-down Playground menu and select a new Playground.


The page may reload due to Safari memory limitations.


After the page has reloaded, the new Playground will open.

Note: While reloading, the page may momentarily show an empty project. This is only temporary. The project created will be retained and reloaded.

Opening an Example Project in Safari



When a user opens an example project in Safari, the corresponding Playground will automatically open.

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