Auto Backup Feature in Web-based VEXcode GO

In order to keep your progress while working on a project, VEXcode GO has an automatic backup feature.

If you are in a classroom that shares devices and do not want a student to see the previous student’s code, start a new project before closing the VEXcode GO tab.

Please note that if you have multiple VEXcode GO tabs open in your web browser, the auto backup will ONLY store the project in the last tab that was closed. The other projects will not be backed up.

Auto Backup in a Project on

While working on a project in the Web-based VEXcode GO, your web browser may unexpectedly or accidentally be closed. To restore your project, simply reopen VEXcode GO in your Chrome-based web browser.

Once the project has been restored, it is recommended that you save the project.


If you have selected a block or modified a restored project and attempt to open a new project, you will be prompted to save.


Note: If you restore a project and immediately attempt to open a new project, you will not be prompted to save.


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