Using VEX GO Beams and Plates

The VEX GO build system is an easy and fun way to allow students in grades 3-5 to build many educational projects. Its flexibility and function can also be used in higher grades.


This article will introduce you to the parts which will allow you to build VEX GO projects.




Beams are plastic parts that are one hole wide. Their length is identified by their color and they come in 10 different lengths.


Each of the beams has a center hole that allows them to have a connector placed directly in their center. Center holes provide a great deal of flexibility when building a project.


Beams are very useful building parts. For example, in the Adaptation Claw project they are used for a number of things. A Pink Beam is used as the pull handle to close the claw.


Angle Beams


Angle Beams are beams that are one hole wide and have an angle. There are four angled beams, including:

  • a Yellow Angle Beam which has an angle of 45 degrees
  • a Red Angle Beam which has an angle of 60 degrees on each end
  • a smaller Green Angle Beam which has an angle of 90 degrees
  • a larger Orange Angle Beam which has an angle of 90 degrees


Angle Beams allow projects to have structures placed at an angle. This is very useful, whether your project needs to have a major part placed at an angle or an interesting addition. For example with the Crawler project, a Red Angle Beam makes a fun mouth for the robot.


Large Beams


Large Beams have a very useful pattern of holes. There are two outside rows of holes that are lined up with each other. There is a center row of holes that is located halfway between each of the outside holes. This pattern allows for many different ways that Large Beams can be attached to other parts.


Large Beam lengths are identified by their color and they come in nine different lengths.

Red Square Beam


The Red Square Beam is a special large beam. It is two holes wide and two holes long, making it a square part. The special feature of the Red Square Beam is its center hole. The center hole is a square hole.

The square hole allows for a square Pin or a Shaft to be inserted into the hole. The Red Square Beam will be forced to spin whenever the square Pin/Shaft is forced to spin.


Large Beams are used as major parts in many projects. For example, two Gray Large Beams are used in the Clock project as the handle for the clock.




Plates are the widest of the plastic parts and come in widths of three-hole wide and four-hole wide. Plates use the same hole pattern as Large Beams.


Plates come in five different lengths. Their different lengths are identified by a color.


Plates are very useful in building projects because they provide many holes to connect other parts. For example, in the Robot Arm project two Dark Gray Plates provide many holes to attach the other parts.

Beams, Angle Beams, Large Beams, and Plates are the parts in the VEX GO system that will allow you to bring your project from the imagination into reality.

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