Funding and Grants for Robotics Programs

If you are interested in requesting Emergency funding through the CARES ESSER Act, see this article.

Meeting the demands of 21st Century STEM Education can be thrilling, but it can be a challenge to find funding for your programs. Whether you are developing an early childhood robotics program with VEX 123 or VEX GO, or starting a competition team with VEX IQ or V5, there are grants available for you! As interest in STEM education has grown, so too have the funding opportunities.

Funding Sources


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Grant Writing Guidance


Funding is out there, from many different sources. The application process for this funding can seem daunting, especially if this is your first time putting together a grant. To find more assistance on writing a grant, view this article.

VEX Advantages for Grant Funding

When writing your grant proposal, you will need to describe how VEX Robotics will be helpful for your students. To learn more about the advantages of VEX Robotics while writing a grant, view this article.

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