Opening and Saving VEXcode GO Projects on an Android

Create a New Project


A new project opens when VEXcode GO is opened. But, a new project can also be opened from the File Menu.

Select ‘New Blocks Project’ from the File Menu.


Note: when creating a new project, a prompt will appear asking to save if the current project has not already been saved. See the ‘Save a Project’ section for details on how to save a project.

Open an Example Project


Open an example project by selecting ‘Open Examples’ from the File menu.

Open a Recent Project


Open the list of recent projects from the File menu.


Then, select a recent project to open it.

Open an Existing Project


Select ‘Open’ from the File Menu to open an existing project.


Select the file to open a project.


The project will open in the Workspace, and the name of the project will appear in the Project Name area.

Save a Project

Save Using the File Menu


A project can be saved in VEXcode GO by using the File menu and selecting Save.


Select Save after naming the project.

After a project is saved, VEXcode GO will automatically save all changes in a project.

Save a Copy


To make a copy of a project under a different name or in a different location, select ‘Save As’ in the File menu.

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