Coding the VEX AI Robot

This article will cover an example project that displays a dashboard reporting the status for robot to robot communications using VEXlink and also the status to the Jetson.

VEX V5 Robot-to-Robot Communications (VEXlink):

The new VEXlink features have been added to the latest version of VEXcode Pro V5 (versions 2.0.2 and later). Downloaded VEXcode Pro V5 here.

For more detailed information on using the V5 VEXlink API, this document explains the new libraries and how to use them effectively for robot-to-robot communication.

Nvidia Jetson Nano to VEX V5 Brain Communications:

Download the .zip file to access the VEXcode Pro V5 example project for communication between the Jetson and V5 Brain.

This VEXcode Pro V5 example project uses a new class that is a subclass of the vex::serial_link class. The new class adds the background tasks needed to keep robot to robot communication running and demonstrates a simple protocol for exchanging location data between robots.


The example project can be built for either manager or worker robot, it’s completely symmetrical. To switch between these modes, comment or un-comment the following line in main.cpp to control the build: