Creating a language rich environment in your classroom has many benefits to students across curricular areas, and can be done in a variety of ways - like using posters. Posters can be one element on the walls of a classroom that reinforce the concepts, vocabulary, and learning that is taking place throughout the day. Posters can also be used to ground a Learning Center or classroom space, and help define the learning that will take place there.

Students and teachers can use posters for reference during class, as a shared visual aid in their discussions and learning experiences. Teachers can highlight features of a robot, or refer to part names as they are teaching. Students can review terminology and also gain a different perspective on the materials they are working with.

You can print the posters below in a variety of sizes, to suit your classroom needs, and support your language rich learning environment.

VEX Computer Science

Why Learn Coding Printout

Why Learn Coding

Practice - Iterate - Invent Printout

Practice Iterate Invent Poster


Problem Diagram Printout

Problem Diagram Poster

Singular Curricular Unit Printout

Singular Cirricular Unit

VEXcode VR

Coding Equals Creativity Printout

Coding Equals Creativity

VEXcode VR Robot Callouts Printout

VEXcode VR Classroom Printout



VEX 123

VEX 123 Robot Heart Printout

123 Robot Heart Balloons





VEX IQ Parts Poster

VEX IQ Parts Poster

VEX IQ Kit Insert

VEX IQ Kit Insert

VEX IQ Ike Poster

VEX IQ Ike Poster

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VEX V-REX Poster

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VEX V5 Sensors Poster

V5 Sensor Poster

VEX V5 Super Clawbot Poster

IQ Super Clawbot

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VEX V5 STEM Globe Poster

IQ Super Clawbot

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