Creating a language rich environment in your classroom has many benefits to students across curricular areas, and can be done in a variety of ways - like using posters. Posters can be one element on the walls of a classroom that reinforce the concepts, vocabulary, and learning that is taking place throughout the day. Posters can also be used to ground a Learning Center or classroom space, and help define the learning that will take place there.

Students and teachers can use posters for reference during class, as a shared visual aid in their discussions and learning experiences. Teachers can highlight features of a robot, or refer to part names as they are teaching. Students can review terminology and also gain a different perspective on the materials they are working with.

You can print the posters below in a variety of sizes, to suit your classroom needs, and support your language rich learning environment.

VEX Computer Science

VEXcode VR

VEX 123


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