Switching Brain Connections on an iPad

Once your iPad is connected to a GO Brain, it is simple to switch the Brain connection in order to connect your iPad to a different Brain using VEXcode GO.

The following article will cover:

For the purpose of this article, an iPad will first be shown connected to Robot 1. It will then be disconnected in order to connect the iPad to Robot 2.

Disconnecting from a Brain


First, ensure that a Brain is connected to your iPad in VEXcode GO by selecting the Brain Icon in the Toolbar.  

The button on top of the Brain will flash green when it is connected to an iPad.


To disconnect the iPad from Robot 1, select ‘Disconnect.’


The status will now report that no Brain is connected. 


The button on top of the Brain will remain a solid green when it is powered on, but not connected to an iPad.

Connecting to a new Brain


To connect the iPad to a new Brain, select ‘Connect.’


A list of available Brains within range will appear.


Choose a new Brain and then select ‘Connect.’


The status will report that the new Brain is connecting.


Once the connection is complete, the status will report as connected.

The button on top of the Brain will flash green when it is connected to an iPad.

When VEXcode GO is ‘Searching’


If an iPad is connected to a Brain and the Brain is turned off or no longer in range, the Brain Status Icon in the Toolbar will turn orange to indicate that VEXcode GO is ‘searching’ for the Brain.


Once the Brain is powered back on or back in range, the iPad will auto-connect with the Brain.