Help Connecting to a VEX GO Brain

If you are experiencing issues connecting to VEX GO, there are recommended troubleshooting techniques.

The article will cover troubleshooting techniques for the following devices:

Troubleshooting Steps


Ensure that the Brain is powered on. The button on top of the Brain will turn green when powered on.


Ensure the Battery is connected to the Brain and charged.

Ensure the Brain is not currently in update mode. A Brain that is updating will blink green and red while it is updating. It will return to solid green once the update is complete.

Note: the update length has been shortened for the animation. An actual firmware update may take up to 2 minutes.

Additional Troubleshooting for Web-Based VEXcode GO

If you are using Web-based VEXcode GO on a Chromebook or Chrome Web Browser, you will be prompted to update firmware when connecting. If there is a problem when connecting or updating, an error message will appear. See below to identify the problem and see how to quickly resolve the issue and continue working with your robot.


Error Message Description

  • No devices are listed when trying to connect.


  • Update VEX GO using the VEX Classroom App. See this article for details on how to update using the VEX Classroom App.


Error Message Description

  • Low battery warning for updating firmware while connecting.


  • Charge the Battery, then try connecting the Brain again.


Error Message Description

  • Unable to update due to out-of-date firmware.


  • Use the VEX Classroom App to update your firmware. Select the “Open Help” button to go to this article for details on how to update VEX GO using the VEX Classroom App.


Error Message Description

  • Connection to the VEX GO Brain was lost. This can be caused by connection loss or an unknown issue.


  • Power cycle the Brain (turn it off and back on), then try to connect again

If you are unable to resolve your issue, please contact VEX support.

You can also easily provide feedback to VEX to help with the program’s continual improvement by using the Feedback button. See this article for more details of how to use the Feedback button.